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Ask The Leyland Brothers - Episode 32

Ask The Leyland Brothers - Episode 32

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Documentary 25 minutes ~ Color

Mike and Mal Leyland, also known as The Leyland Brothers, were Australian explorers and documentary film-makers, best known for their popular television show, Ask the Leyland Brothers. The show ran on Australian television from 1976 until 1984.


For the lovers of steam power, the Leyland Brothers travel to the South Island of New Zealand to film the reconstructed AB class steam engine running between Lumsdon and Kingston. In Western Australia the action packed sport of land yachting is shown on Lake LeFroy, a huge salt lake south of Kalgoorlie. At Lyndhurst in South Australia, the Leylands meet an unusual sculptor, who carves an unusual talc rock. Talc rock is used to make talcum powder.

Stars: Mike Leyland, Mal Leyland


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