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Ask The Leyland Brothers - Episode 16

Ask The Leyland Brothers - Episode 16

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Documentary 25 minutes ~ Color

Mike and Mal Leyland, also known as The Leyland Brothers, were Australian explorers and documentary film-makers, best known for their popular television show, Ask the Leyland Brothers. The show ran on Australian television from 1976 until 1984.


The famous Huon Pine trees of Tasmania are all but extinct, now however the amazing rot resistant timber of the Huon Pine is ideal for fine craftsmen like Cecil Eyre, a wood turner, and Bob Haslem, a fine wood carver. In Queensland at Mt. Tamborine, the past volcanic eruptions which formed the mountains have created unusual stones known as Thunder Eggs. These rocks contain amazing beautiful agate and other semi precious stones. The Leylands show how this egg is sliced and converted into ornamental objects of beauty. On a farm in Victoria, near Bendigo, the Leylands answer a request to show how the Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the trees. The oil is used in the manufacture of medicines and confectionary.

Stars: Mike Leyland, Mal Leyland


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