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Another Planet

Another Planet

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Drama (1998) 90 minutes ~ Color

Cassandra Jones feels trapped. Unable to relate to her brother Patrick or her overly pious mother, she decides to leave town. Through a foreign exchange program, Cassandra finds her way to a Canadian pig farm where she encounters Sylvie, a woman in need of change, and Sylvie's husband Kenny, who's afraid of change. Cassandra also meets Abdoulaye Diallo, her homesick African exchange counterpart. When none of Cassandra's expectations are met, she quickly becomes unhappy on the farm. A roller coaster series of events culminates in a surprising conclusion as Cassandra's presence creates plenty of tension, much of it wildly humorous.

Director: Christene Browne

Writer: Christene Browne

Stars: Sandy Daley, Kevin White and Marcia Brown


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