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An Uzi At The Alamo

An Uzi At The Alamo

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Comedy (2005) 88 minutes ~ Color

Alec Thames is a prolific young writer who has never had the nerve to submit any of his forty books to a publishing company. Mired in misery and searching for his identity, he pledges to his dysfunctional family that he will commit suicide on his 25th birthday. His obsessive compulsive mother, karate kid emulating brother, shamelessly masturbating uncle and ambiguously gay father all do their best to make Alec believe that they support his decision to kill himself. However, after stumbling upon love and a new sense of self, Alec wants to back out of his pledge but fears family humiliation if he does not go through with his suicide promise.

Directed by: Chris Sparling, Raymond Lepre

Starring: Chris Sparling, Angeline Holmes, Terri Lynn Harris, Bill Bravo, Joe Guarneri, Jennifer Douglas, Mick Hoegen, Kevin Centazzo


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