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An Embarrassing Night

An Embarrassing Night

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Comedy (1977) 88 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Una noche embarazosa

Amalio Badalamenti is a man from Calabria, who has lived in Mexico for the past 13 years working as a taxi driver to support his Family. His wife Carmen has given him the happiness of having 12 children. But the situation of Pablo and Ronnie Copeka is different, because they don’t have children. They are owners of a large poultry, which feels the pressure of the lack of an heir: Their fates will cross in Acapulco’s harbor.

Director: René Cardona Jr.

Writers: René Cardona Jr. (screenplay), Roberto Gandus (screenplay) and Luis García Berlanga

Stars: Eduardo Alcaraz, Lando Buzzanca and Queta Carrasco


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