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American Lawless

American Lawless

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Short / Drama / Western (2012) 28 minutes ~ Color

The year is 2112. The United States is a divided country recovering from the results of a second civil war. The law is broken. States have reverted back to individual territories. Yet all this is but a mere backdrop. Our story focuses on Luke, the former leader of a gang of ruthless marauders known as the American Lawless. After an epiphany, Luke decides to turn legit and betrays his men by turning them over to the authorities. But vengeance comes swiftly when the gang escapes and comes looking for Luke and his wife, Rose. Will Luke be able to save Rose from the wrath of the American Lawless? Or will she be the price he pays?

Director: Chris R. Notarile

Writer: Chris R. Notarile

Stars: Shawn Parr, Roberto Lombardi and Kasey Williams


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