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American Empire

American Empire

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Western / Action (1942) 82 Minutes ~ Black & White

Restless, eager for adventure and harboring an insatiable desire for wealth, Paxton Bryce (Preston Foster) convinces his long-time friend and business partner Dan Taylor (Richard Dix) to give up their ferrying business and venture into cattle rearing. By a rare coincidence their paths cross with that of cattle thief Dominique Beauchard (Leo Carrillo) , who provides them (rather unwillingly) with a startup stock of cattle. The ranch grows in leaps and bounds, but not fast enough for Paxton. Paxton’s greed and stubborn refusal to cooperate with his neighbors costs him his son, his wife Abbey (Frances Gifford) and his long time friend Dan. Will he ever learn life’s lessons?

Director: William C. McGann

Writers: J. Robert Bren (screenplay), Gladys Atwater (screenplay) and Ben Grauman Kohn

Stars: Richard Dix, Leo Carrillo and Preston Foster


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