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American Alien

American Alien

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Comedy (1998) 81 minutes ~ Color

This outrageously wild & hilarious movie is the latest hit Comedy from Jeff Cochran, the award winning director of "Punk James."

Baron Dixon has been teased his whole life. He believes, with all his heart, that he really is an alien and that he will soon be leaving planet Earth. His two best friends -- a couple of doped-up, gun-loving, outcast hillbillies -- believe in Baron. His beautiful girlfriend wants to believe him, but Baron is just too crazy! Soon, they discover that even the impossible is possible and that aliens really do exist.

<font color=red>Winner "Best Film" Saguaro Film Festival 1998</font>

Director: Jeff Cochran

Writer: Jeff Cochran

Stars: Baron Dixon, Dorothy Bannister, Robert Anderson


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