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America's Most Retarded  2

America's Most Retarded 2

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Comedy (2009) 89 minutes ~ Color

Whether on your way to Walmart...or the laundry-mat... the future of the world, yes, these people are real..and no are not watching Jerry Springer..this is worse.....much much worse. AMERICA'S MOST RETARDED: Axis Video's Greatest Sh*ts will include: More Jimmy the Busboy and Lenny the Loon Drunken Fools The hazards of Hackey Sack at Ozzfest Drunks drinking beer from the dirty parking lot ground Stupid fights and inbred backyard fighters Ugly People Charlene Baby (The Retarded retard) reprises her role and demands violence Behind the scenes at video shoots Hot girls (The Sexy B*tches of Axis Video) Fat squirrels Retarded Hill Billys from Bumblef*ck USA trying to be funny The Bums of Philly and much much more <------a crowd favorite WHO IS ......SAM SANTORO???? Sam Santoro is the legendary book bandit, video hoarder whom has amassed a small fortune, more than D.B. Cooper, and more noteriety than the A-Team, by scamming Columbia House, BMG, Book Club of the Month, and other retarded companies that front product before recieving payment. ON A FUNNY NOTE: The world police (Inter-pol) can't find Osama, but the Postal authorities will get you in no time if you scam through the mail. Poor Sammy......... The legendary imprisoned SAM SANTORO, mastermind behind AMERICA'S MOST RETARDED, approached Axis Video once again from behind his greasy bars in federal prison. Sam says to me on one dreary visit, "Chris, see to it that the legend, the saga, the legacy of the Retards lives on. I commission you to produce AMR 2, do whatever it takes to get it to the world. Spread the gospel wide and all ends of the earth. Leave no sone unturned" So touching, it brought a tear to my eye, or was it the onions in my cheesesteak? AMR 2 will surely be a reason to dislike sequels.

Director: Chris Chaos

Writer: Chris Chaos

Stars: Lenny the Loon, Jimmy the Busboy, Chris Chaos


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