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America's Most Retarded

America's Most Retarded

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Comedy (2004) 50 minutes ~ Color

Join us on a little adventure with some special friends of ours. Such classic Characters as Charlene Baby, Jimmy the Bus Boy, Lenny the Loony and Leathur Rokk. Filmed with the speed of a well oiled midget, it took a whopping 4 days of filming to complete this masterpiece. See Jimmy eat his boogers, spit on himself and talk about some of the sickest vilest human acts known to man. Does he have a life sapping disease? Who knows, you decide for yourself. See Lenny be the ultimate stunt dummy, go cart riding in shopping carts, swimming in a nasty disease ridden sewer pipe, and zap himself in hurtful places with a stun gun. See Leathur Rokk talk about nonsense and make a fool of herself for the whole world to see. And lets not forget about Charlene baby, she will win your hearts with her clever speeches and people skills. "Them some cool shoes you got on." And much much more.

Director: Chris Chaos

Writer: Keith Kelly

Stars: Jimmy the Busboy, Lenny the Loon


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