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Almost Invisible: The Party's Over When You're Dead

Almost Invisible: The Party's Over When You're Dead

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Horror / Drama (2011) 80 minutes ~ Color

To ease the weight of their college workload, unsuspecting teenagers seize the opportunity to turn their end-of-the-summer party into a house wrecking foray. The popular clique accepts an invite from the high school freak as an excuse to have the party of their lives and trash her parents house. What happens instead
they will never forget. The freak turns them on to a world they never knew existed. In a tale about breaking free from the past, the teenagers are throttled into a strange and mysterious realm filled with murder and suicide. Beware unseen forces that exist in our daily lives, beware the Invisible.

Director: David Allingham

Writer: David Allingham

Stars: Hillary Barnett, Jeremy Russell, Sam Navarro, Sara Cole, Kevin Murphy, Daniel Mustone, Megan Watson, Michelle Sims


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