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All The Way Boys

All The Way Boys

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Action / Comedy (1972) 105 minutes ~ Color

Salud (Bud Spencer) and Plata (Terence Hill) eke out a living as bush pilots in South America. They fake plane crashes in order to collect the insurance money, but one time the plane crashes for real in the middle of the jungle. There they find a diamond mining community operated by Mr. Ears (Reinhard Kolldehoff). Plata and Salud decide to make a living by competing against Mr. Ears, making delivery services by airplane. Salud meets with an old man (Cyril Cusack) in the village, where he takes him to see a mountain and tells him the story of three friends who killed themselves, and why. The story involves the mystery behind the old man's story, and various slapstick fights with Mr. Ears, who dislikes the competition.

Director: Giuseppe Colizzi

Writers: Barbara Alberti, Giuseppe Colizzi and Amedeo Pagani

Stars: Terence Hill, Bud Spencer and Reinhard Kolldehoff



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