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All The Sins Of Sodom

All The Sins Of Sodom

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Drama (1968) 88 minutes ~ Black & White

A fashion photographer with dreams of artistic glory is approached to produce a book or erotic nudes, only to find the project complicated by the sudden appearance of a mysterious yet sensual new model. Encouraged by his literary agent to branch out from fashion photography, talented shutterbug Henning recruits his favorite model Leslie in a bid to create the perfect layout. Before long, Henning and Leslie are off and running, producing the kind of shots that can please the eyes and quicken the pulse. But their progress is stunted when dark beauty Joyce appears in Henning's studio, seemingly out of nowhere. Before long, Joyce is toying with the photographer's ego, driving a wedge between Henning and Leslie model while seducing yet another model from the studio. Unfortunately for Henning, his blinding ambition obscures the fact that Joyce has captured him in a ruinous web that could ultimately sink his entire career.

Director: Joseph W. Sarno

Writer: Joseph W. Sarno

Stars: Morris Kaplan, Maria Lease and Marianne Prevost


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