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Aliens from Outer Space: UFO Landings, Crashes and Retrievals

Aliens from Outer Space: UFO Landings, Crashes and Retrievals

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Documentary / Religious/Faith Based (2011) 240 minutes ~ Color

For those who don't believe that Aliens from outer space have invaded our planet, this amazing documentary reveals the facts they DON'T want you to know. Join UFO researcher Bill Knell in this cult classic presentation covering suppressed and hidden information about the strangest and most fantastic UFO incidents in recent history. You will be amazed and bewildered by countless UFO sightings by credible witnesses that defy explanation. UFO's are real and they are here whether we like it or not, and their technology far exceeds ours. If they decided to take over the human race, there would be little our government and military factions could do about it. This fascinating DVD includes: UFO crash retrievals; a zoo full of animals is strangely mutilated after UFOs are seen; Astronaut Edgar Mitchell confirms that the U.S. Government is hiding information about UFOs and Aliens; new and shocking UFO crash cases; Howard Hughes views a crashed saucer and its occupants; President Franklin Roosevelt and UFOs; shocking worldwide UFO encounters and provocative actions; new cases of mysterious lights, explosions and UFO landings in the USA and much more! Four hours of information, interviews and more.

Director: Bill Knell

Writer: Bill Knell

Stars: Bill Knell



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