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Alice in Wonderland (1949)

Alice in Wonderland (1949)

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Family (1949) 76 minutes ~ Color

A classic tale of a girl named Alice who follows a white rabbit down a hole into Wonderland where she can change sizes by eating and drinking and animals talk. After escaping the disturbing Queen of Hearts, she finds that she has ended up on the other side of the looking glass in Looking Glass Land and that there is a mind-created Jabberwocky after her. With the advice of a wise owl and royal chess pieces on her mind, she ventures home, vowing to grow up in this two-part movie which remains most faithful to the original stories written by Lewis Carroll.

Director: Dallas Bower

Writers: Lewis Carroll (novel), Henry Myers (screenplay), Albert E. Lewin (screenplay) and Edward Eliscu (screenplay)

Stars: Stephen Murray, Ernest Milton and Pamela Brown



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