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Alice In Cartoonland

Alice In Cartoonland

Ref: 1961

Price: $4.98 / 3.59


Animation (2000) 62 Minutes ~ Black & White

Walt Disney's first star wasn't even animated but she sure enjoyed a whole heap of adventures in a cartoon wonderland! This unique collection features ten examples of some of Walt's earliest work.

Once again thanks must go out to Ray Pointer, who continues his crusade in bringing ultra-rare pre-Golden Age vintage cartoons from private collectors' assortments to the wider DVD capable animation enthusiast. Following Pointer's own Inkwell Images compilation of Disney's earliest films, The Laugh-O-Gram Fairy Tales, this program immediately picks up on what Walt did next. The Alice Comedies found Walt finding his feet in Hollywood. The Laugh-O-Grams had served a purpose: to train young Walt and his eager crew in the basic terms of making animated cartoons, though what really shines in those early films is Disney's already strong attention to story and how those techniques gain more authority during the series' short run.

Director: Ray Pointer

Writer: Virginia Davis


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