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Addicted To Murder 2

Addicted To Murder 2

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Horror (1998) 74 minutes ~ Color

New York City is one of the prime breeding grounds for the vampire, a creature that is very selective in whom it chooses to bestow the gift of eternal life. Among the candidates are the twenty-something Tricia, who desires to experience any life but her own; Jonathan, a young vampire with an attitude problem; and, of course, a few serial killer types like Joel Winter, who search for something beyond their psychopathic lives... But there's one problem--a rogue vampire who is turning people who aren't worthy of "The Gift"--and it's up to Angie Karnstein to find her sister and put an end to these creatures with the tainted blood.

Director: Kevin J. Lindenmuth

Writer: Kevin J. Lindenmuth

Stars: Sasha Graham, Mick McCleery, Sarah K. Lippmann


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