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Comedy / Action / Drama / Bollywood (2001) 160 minutes ~ Color

Friendly, brave, outgoing, yet shy of the opposite sex, Chander Kapoor, lives an exciting life. To add to this excitement, he helps his friend, Jay, elope with Neena, the daughter of a suspended and rogue police inspector. Neena's friend, Pooja has a crush on Chander, and phones him on the sly, teasing him. When Chander finds out it is Pooja, he too falls in love with her. Pooja family life is stressful, an alcoholic dad, and a spiteful mom. Pooja decides from run away from this atmosphere, and ends up abducted in a brothel. Neena's dad wants to avenge his humiliation, and will go to any length, even kill Chander. With Chander on the defensive with Neena's dad, what will be the outcome of Pooja?

Director: Indra Kumar

Writer: Rajeev Kaul

Stars: Bobby Deol, Rahul Dev, Dinesh Hingoo



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