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AB Negative

AB Negative

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Horror (2006) 85 minutes ~ Color

When nice guy Woodster Carneal (Mitchell Rad) loses his wife, his job and his house and gets extorted into harvesting human organs on demand. Twisting and turning through campgrounds, strip clubs and doctor's offices, Carneal, saves the biggest thrill for the end. With a pair of Brazen detectives (Leah Coffman and Cheryl Duncan) on his trail, Carneal must stay a step ahead of everyone, including the organ brokers (Jeff DeAngelis and Gary Dixon) he works for. As the rare AB-Negative blood type is crucial to matching recipients with their unknowing donors, Carneal's database stolen from his former employer. Told in an intriguing-flashback style like Memento, the story unfolds through Carneal's confession to his psychiatrist, Dr. Victoria Gashe (Valerie Lary), who just happens to have AB-Negative blood.

Director: Banning Lary

Writer: Banning Lary

Stars: Mitchell Rad, Jim Brewer, Allison Lane


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