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A War to End All Wars

A War to End All Wars

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Documentary (2010) 120 minutes ~ Color

A lavish production and two unique tales of World War I, make this Reality Films DVD an absolute must for any World War enthusiast. Recreations and battle scenes, historically researched costumes and locations across Europe all help the viewer feel the experience almost first-hand.

In Murder on the Hill we follow TV's, Robin Thompson, as he reveals an untold and tragic tale. Ruthless and incompetent military command resulted in the deaths of many brave men. Hear for the first time the shocking truth.

A Soldier's Return takes us on a fascinating journey from 1916 to the present day. We see and hear the tragedy of war first hand and experience the sight and sounds of battle.

This DVD is a real gem for all World War enthusiasts.

Director: Charles Sandbach

Writer: Charles Sandbach

Stars: Robin Thompson, John Duncan, Taff Gillingham and Ian Livesey



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