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A Shot In The Dark

A Shot In The Dark

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Thriller / Foreign (2005) 105 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Um Tiro no Escuro

In a Rio de Janeiro airport, a TAP stewardess kidnaps a two-month-old baby girl. Two years later, the distraught mother is living in Lisbon. In order to survive, she works in a "strip-tease" bar but spends most of her time in the airport hoping to find the stewardess who took her daughter. Then one night she is fired from her job and without money. She joins a gang of ex-security guards from the bar and stays in their hideout. She becomes involved with a series of bank robberies. Soon she is tracked by the police inspector who also seems to have something to hide.

Is it possible, between police and robbers that she will still find her daughter?

Director: Leonel Vieira

Writers: Jorge Almeida (story and script), Alberto Fernandes (story) and João Nunes (screenplay)

Stars: Joaquim de Almeida, Vanessa Mesquita and Filipe Duarte



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