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A Secret

A Secret

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Drama (2007) 105 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Un Secret

Adapted from Philippe Grimberts best selling novel, A SECRET (UN SECRET) is a story of passion and guilt in troubled times, which unfolds as a young teenager uncovers the truth about his parents past. He finds out that before the war, his father Maxime (Patrick Bruel, The Comedy of Power, O Jerusalem) was married to Hannah (Ludivine Sagnier, 8 Women, Swimming Pool, A Girl Cut in Two, Love Songs) when he fell madly in love with his mother Tania (Cécile de France, The Russian Dolls, Avenue Montaigne). As a young Jewish couple living in Nazi-occupied France, Maxime and Tania had to make difficult choices to survive the war and the Holocaust.

Director: Claude Miller

Writer: Claude Miller (scenario, adaptation and dialogue), Natalie Carter (scenario, adaptation and dialogue) and Philippe Grimbert (based on the novel by)

Stars: Cécile De France, Patrick Bruel and Ludivine Sagnier



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