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A Real Desire For A Dream

A Real Desire For A Dream

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Documentary / Short Film (2005) 23 minutes ~ Color

This is the saga of REAL DESIRE, a record-setting horse who performed well beyond the expectations of his owners and trainers, Blair and Karin Burgess. This is the adventure embarked on by the then relatively unknown young husband and wife team: Blair and Karin Burgess. The story begins in the fall of 1999, when they purchased a very modestly priced, standard-bred yearling named REAL DESIRE.

The film follows the thrills and challenges of the humble and hard working trainer/caretaker duo who together developed their bargain priced ($16,000) yearling into a big-money making, stakes class racehorse, and ultimately a world champion.

This feature also gives an overview of the challenges and excitement inherent to harness racing, and includes interviews from some of the industry's top names including John Campbell - one of REAL DESIRE's drivers, and George Segal - Squire of Brittany Farms which consigned and sold REAL DESIRE as a yearling and which today stands REAL DESIRE at stud.

Director: Monica Anna Thors

Writer: Monica Anna Thors, Amy Krause, Gen Sullivan

Cast: Marty Adler, Phoenix


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