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A Holiday Affair

A Holiday Affair

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Drama (1955) 87 minutes ~ Black & White

Phyllis Thaxter stars in this Lux Video Theater presentation, originally broadcast live in 1955. In this, a heartwarming tale set at Christmas, Thaxter plays Connie, a widow and mother whose work involves checking up on the competition for her department store employer. When Steve, a charming salesman at a competing store, recognizes her true motives but refuses to expose her, he ends up getting fires as a result. Feeling guilty, Connie agrees to buy lunch for Steve, striking up a friendship that complicates her relationship with Carl, a lawyer who wants to marry her. Holiday Affair details Connie’s efforts to sort out her feelings between “Safe and secure” Carl and Steve, a fella who wears his emotions on his sleeve and call things the way he sees them.

Director: Earl Eby

Writers: John D. Weaver (story), Isobel Lennart (screenplay) and Harry Kronman (adaptation for television)

Stars: Scott Brady, Phyllis Thaxter, Elliott Reid, Herbert Butterfield