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A Fool There Was

A Fool There Was

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Drama (1915) 67 Minutes ~ Black & White <Actinic:Variable Name = 'Silent'/>

John Schuyler, happily married, Wall Street lawyer, is appointed as special diplomatic representative to England. By an unhappy accident, his wife and child can't come along; but on the ship with him is "The Vampire," a "notorious woman" who lives off a succession of men she has seduced and ruined. After the resulting scandal brings about his dismissal, he returns home, with his seductress in tow. Slighted by Mrs. Schuyler, she has set her sights on the husband. Two months later, we find the Fool languishing with the mistress who has him enmeshed in her toils. Will he follow the others to the depths of degradation? In her first movie (which built the Hollywood empire of William Fox, and launched her discoverer, director Frank Powell) Bara plays the sexual vampire to the hilt. This movie is the source of the word, "vamp".

Director: Frank Powell

Writers: Porter Emerson Browne (by)

Stars: Theda Bara, Mabel Frenyear, Edward José