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A Constant Pilgrim

A Constant Pilgrim

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Drama / Religious/Faith Based (2009) 59 minutes ~ Color

In Sept 2006, 30 Zen Buddhist pilgrims from the USA, Europe and Asia journeyed to Kham Province of Eastern Tibet and made a four week tour of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and visited Buddhist monks.

Covering many miles through beautiful but rough terrain, the pilgrims also climbed many mountains and passes in sunshine and snow. Along the way, they brought medical supplies and held clinics in Tibetan communities.

The video captures the beautiful essence of the pilgrimage, as well as showing a deeply revealing portrait of an American Zen teacher Roshi Joan Halifax's thoughts on Zen teachings and how it helps individuals relate to life in the modern world.

A pilgrimage to a fabled landscape that will resonate with spiritually minded viewers from any faith or religion.

Director: Mark Sung

Writer: Mark Sung

Star: Roshi Joan Halifax


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