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A Bucket Full Of Cartoons

A Bucket Full Of Cartoons

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Cartoons (1939 - 1948) 79 minutes ~ Color

Where is all the fun hiding? In a Bucketful of Cartoons that’s where. Come join Singa Home Entertainment as they bring some of the most beloved color classic’s to you and your Family.

This DVD contains:

1. The Dog Show Off

2. A Self-Made Mongrel

3. Base Brawl

4. Fresh Vegetable Mystery

5. Little Lambskins

6. A Kick In Time

7. The Barnyard Brat

8. Hunky and Spunky In Always Kickin'

9. Snubbed By A Snob

10. You Cant Shoe A Horsefly

11. Hunky And Spunky


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