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3PW - 5 Star 4 Way

3PW - 5 Star 4 Way

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Sports/Wrestling (August 2004) ~ Color

CHALLENGE MATCH: Roadkill vs Monsta Mack

IN THE RING: Todd Gordon + Joey Matthews + Matt Striker (as Paul E. Dangerously).
Todd Gordon came out and ran down the card for the show and was interrupted by Joey Matthews..
Joey Matthews bragged about beating Raven, AJ Styles, Sabu and everyone else Todd Gordon put against him.
Matt Striker hit the ring, dressed as Paul E. Dangerously, inciting a loud ECW chant from the fans..
Todd Gordon kicked Matt Striker & Rob Eckos out of the Royal Rumble unless they can proove they're on the same page.

OPENING MATCH: Ruckus defeated Slyk Wagner Brown w/April Hunter..

Double Trouble (Jack Victory & Rockin Rebel) and Rob Eckos & Matt Striker were the first two teams..
Rob Eckos & Matt Striker (dressed as the Bushwhackers) were eliminated about five minutes in..
Gary Wolf & Mike Kruel w/Jasmin St. Claire were the third team to enter the match..
Rob Eckos & Matt Striker (dressed as Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff!) came back as the fourth entry..
Matt Striker started singing the Russian National Anthem, but got thrown over the top again!
Blue Meanie & Roadkill were the fifth team to enter the match..
Jack Victory & Rockin Rebel were eliminated..
Rob Eckos & Matt Striker (dressed at the Road Warriors) were the sixth team to enter!
Rob Eckos & Matt Striker were once again eliminated quickly..
Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter were the final team to enter the match..
Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter won the match after roughly 40 minutes of action and comedy..
Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter become the first 3PW Tag Team titles..

MATCH: Monsta Mack vs CJ O'Doyle ended to a NO CONTEST..
Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter came back out and attacked both wreslers..
April Hunter made fun of CJ O'Doyle, and claimed that she could beat him in less that 2 minutes..

INTERGENDER MATCH: April Hunter defeated CJ O'Doyle in 31 seconds..
April Hunter made CJ O'Doyle submit to the dreaded Testicular Claw finisher..

CHALLENGE MATCH: Roadkill defeated Monsta Mack..
Monsta Mack came back out to the ring and called out Roadkill and issued a challenge..

INTERMISSION: There was a long wait, because Chris Daniels had not arrived to the show..
Christopher Daniels was stuck at Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta as the show started..
Chris Daniels' plane sat on the runway ready to leave but was being held up for heavy outgoing traffic..
During intermission, 3PW learned that Chris Daniels had landed at Philadelphia International Airport..
Chris Daniels was driven directly to the show and used the back entrance of the ECW Arena..
Chris Daniels rushed to change into his wrestling gear and went straight to the ring for his match!

3PW TITLE 4-WAY: Chris Daniels defeated Joey Matthews (Champ) and AJ Styles and Chris Sabin to win the 3PW title!
Joey Matthews eliminated Chris Sabin via pinfall about 25 minutes into the match..
Joey Matthews eliminated AJ Styles via pinfall after Styles took a vicious Last Rites from Daniels..
Chris Daniels pinned Joey Matthews after nailing the Last Rites at the 40 minute mark..
Chris Daniels captures the 3PW Heavyweight title!


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