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3PW - Recipe For Disaster

3PW - Recipe For Disaster

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Wrestling/Cage Fighting (2003) 120 minutes ~ Color

See Hardcore Chair Swinging Freaks, Internationally Celebrated Fighters Battle Between Two True Hardcore Icons, And Of Course a Wet T-Shirt Contest with Catfights.

The Blood will Flow, the Fans will Scatter, and the Violence will be Intense... This is a Recipe for Disaster!!!

1. Kid Kash vs. Kid Kruel

2. Da Hit Squad vs. Balls Mahoney & NOSAWA

3. Wet T-Shirt Contest

4. Rob Eckos & Matt Striker vs. Josh Daniels & Damian Adams

5. Low Ki vs. Homicide

6. Pitbull Gary Wolfe vs. Raven vs. Xavier (3PW Title Match)

7. Terry Funk vs. Sabu

Directors: Tod Gordon, Brian Heffron and Jasmin St. Claire

Stars: Terry Brunk, David Cash, Mike Durham


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