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3PW - Raven's Rules

3PW - Raven's Rules

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Wrestling/Cage Fighting (2003) 150 minutes ~ Color

3PW Hardcore Wrestling smashes through the pain barrier and unleashes the most brutal of Pro-Wrestling's true extremists. Raw, uncut and totally uncensored, 3PW brings you the biggest names from the EXTREME game as they put their bodies on the line for your pleasure. No mercy is given as these warriors of violence smash their way around the ring in the HARDEST of hardcore wrestling and takes you where others fear to tread!

1. CJ O'Doyle vs. Ricky Vega

2. Monsta Mack vs. Roadkill

3. "Hotstuff" Matt Stryker vs. Ruckus

4. Low Ki vs. Joey Matthews

5. The Blue Meanie vs. Rob Eckos

6. Damian Adams vs. "Pitbull" Gary Wolfe

7. Xavier vs. Homicide

8. Raven vs. Sandman v. Sabu (3PW Title TLC match)

9. DVD Bonus Match: Roadkill & Danny Doring vs. Joey Matthews & Christian York


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