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3PW - No Limits

3PW - No Limits

Ref: 1506

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Wrestling/Cage Fighting (2004) 154 minutes ~ Color

OPENING MATCH: CJ O'Doyle vs Monsta Mack when Low Ki appeared and attacked both of them..

MATCH: Jerry Lynn vs Low Ki

TAG MATCH: Rockin Rebel & Jack Victory vs Rob Eckos & Strikerman (Matt Stryker as Sandman)

MATCH: Ruckus vs Damian Adams

TAG MATCH: The Pitbulls 2004 (Mike Kruel & Gary Wolfe) vs Roadkill & Blue Meanie

3PW TITLE MATCH: Joey Matthews vs Slyk Wagner Brown

MAIN EVENT: Christopher Daniels vs A.J. Styles in a 35:00 classic


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