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3PW - A War Renewed

3PW - A War Renewed

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Wrestling/Cage Fighting (2002) 120 minutes ~ Color

Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling, or 3PW, was a hardcore professional wrestling promotion that was based around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and ran many shows from the former ECW Arena. The spirit of Philadelphia wrestling lives on in this latest release from 3PW.

Chris Chetti vs Christian York

Josh Daniels vs Rob Eckos

The Blue Meanie w/ Jasmin St. Claire vs Dylan Night with Candi

Pierce St. John vs Shawn Donovan

Bad Breed (Ian & Axl Rotten) vs Public Enemy

Joey Matthews vs Murder One

"Pitbull" Gary Wolfe vs Devon Storm with Serena

New Jack vs Rockin Rebel

SABU & Tod Gordon with Annihilation vs Bill Alfonso & The Sandman


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