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3PW - A Funkin' Classic

3PW - A Funkin' Classic

Ref: 1509

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Wrestling/Cage Fighting (2003) 157 minutes ~ Color

The Electric Factory in Philadelphia presents the Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling’s A Funkin’ Classic, headlined by old rivals Jerry Lawler and Terry Funk.

OPENER: Trent Acid vws Ric Blade

TAG MATCH: Hit squad vs Rockin Rebel & Jeff Rocker

MATCH: Kid Kash vs Homicide

MATCH: Balls Mahoney vs Ian Rotten in a major bloodbath

3WAY MATCH: Josh Daniels vs Damian Adams & Chris Chetti

TAG MATCH: Blue Meanie & Roadkill vs Christian York & Joey Matthews

3PW TITLE MATCH: Gary Wolf vs Kevin Sullivan

MATCH: Terry Funk vs Jerry Lawler


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