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3 Nuts In Search of a Bolt

3 Nuts In Search of a Bolt

Ref: 6991

Price: $4.98 / 3.59


Comedy (1964) 78 minutes ~ Color and Black & White

An out of work method actor is hired by a male model, an ecdysiast, and a car salesman who live together to save money. They want the actor to listen to their problems and go see a psychiatrist so they can get counseling for cheap. The psychiatrist is intrigued by the split personalities indicated by the three separate sets of problems presented by the actor, and soon producers are climbing out of the woodwork trying to buy the rights to the film, while the actor is having trouble keeping his act together.

Director: Tommy Noonan

Writers: Ian McGlashan, Tommy Noonan

Stars: Mamie Van Doren, Tommy Noonan and Ziva Rodann


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