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21 - A Compilation of Short Films & Animations Created in 21 Days

21 - A Compilation of Short Films & Animations Created in 21 Days

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Short Films (2006) 136 minutes ~ Color

17 short films from around the world, based on the element “21.”

21 Seconds by Team Name: IIDieIV

Synopsis: A man searches for his lover when she disappears after being left alone for a mere 21 seconds.

Body of Work by Team GOSONO Productions

Synopsis: How an artist makes surreal sculptures.

Cotton by Team Spookbuggy

Synopsis: A series of coincidences end up proving that wheelchairs do not roll easily in the sand.

Forgotten Melody by Team Cold City

Synopsis: In the year 2075, music is illegal and melodies are forgotten. Two thieves steal a musical artifact, but each has different motives.

Funky Monkey by Team Pow Pow

Synopsis: A roommate’s decision on revenge takes him down the wrong path.

I Never Liked Mushrooms by Team Access

Synopsis: A father tries to make up for past ills with his eldest son.

In Zakk’s Case by Team 509

Synopsis: Kill me once, shame on you. Kill me twice can’t get kill again.

Lucky Number 21 by Team Genesis Entertainment Group

Synopsis: A Criminal kingpin wants his $50,000 back. Tony has 21 days.

Nigel Woolcock’s Travel in The Orient: Volume XXI: Japan by Team Exiles

Synopsis: Nigel Woolcock teaches viewers about the strange land of Japan in his own inimitable, and not quite accurate, way.

One Over by Team DMPU

Synopsis: A man is denied at the express checkout lane for reasons unknown.

Red Seven by Team With No Name

Synopsis: Two lovers struggle to detach themselves from their best friend’s gambling scam before things go tragically wrong.

Second Sight by Team Manlet

Synopsis: A youth wakes up with precognitive powers the day of his big job interview.

Thanksgiving by Team Screen Screams

Synopsis: It’s time to give thanks.

The 21st Element by Team Drop the HAT

Synopsis: A group of friends attempts to prevent the loss of the rare element Scandium to the North Koreans.

A Permanent Change by Team Supercala

Synopsis: Women should never be touched…unless asked.

Balance by Team Super Nerve

Synopsis: A chance meeting throws a man into an unwilling partnership where he is forced to satisfy the Balance, a force which lies between good and evil.

Gypsies by Team Totorres

Synopsis: It’s 10:00 pm, do you know where your children are?


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