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15 Amore

15 Amore

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Drama (1998) 92 minutes ~ Color

A story of love and loss, set in the final months of WWII. With her husband off at war, the beautiful and independent Dorothy has remained in the Australian countryside to raise three young children. Living with them are two Italian POW?s, Alfredo and Joseph, who assist with the homestead?s upkeep. Dorothy and Alfredo have fallen, gradually, deeply in love yet are unable to act upon their feelings. With the arrival of two German refugees, beautiful Rachel and her mother, an affair between Joseph and Rachel erupts. With WWII winding down, things will return back to normal for everyone. For Dorothy and Alfredo, it may already be too late.

Director: Maurice Murphy

Writer: Maurice Murphy

Stars: Lisa Hensley, Steve Bastoni and Domenic Galati


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