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"High" Roller: The Bob Perry Story

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Documentary (2004) 54 minutes ~ Color

Bob Purzycki was born in Paterson, NJ. By age 12 he was one of the best bowlers in the country. His professional bowling name changed to Bob Perry. He was set to compete at the World's Fair in 1964 held in Queens. Two days before the fair, a neighborhood kid hit Bob in the face with a croquet mallet and crushed the side of his head. Bob was taken to the hospital and lost permanent vision in his left eye. Everyone told Bob to give up his dream to be the best. For 5 years, Bob trained himself how to bowl with one eye. By his 18th birthday, his game had improved to a 220 average, an average that was unheard of in 1970. This is indicative of the up-and-down life that followed. After getting involved in drugs, getting mixed up with the Mafia, and doing jail time, he went on to play in the Super Bowl High Roller in Vegas, as Bob Purzycki. He won the grand prize of $100,000, beating the best bowlers in the world. He was champion once again, at age 47.

Director: Tom Malloy, Ross Marroso

Stars: Bob Perry, Dick Weber, and Jeanne Ambrogio



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