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Welcome to our DVD Store

Welcome to our DVD Store

We have thousands of New and Classical DVD's and Music DVD's for sale! Our prices are very competitive and we ship Worldwide daily!!!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 100%! Fast Shipping! International orders Welcome! We ship daily from the United States! Region Free NTSC! SHRINKWRAPPED! We are a licensed Retail Seller and/or we own the copyright to these titles. We buy titles from wholesale distributors and sub-distributors and/or buy liquidated inventory. Some titles are individually licensed from the film's producer. If requested we can provide legal documentation to prove it. These are not bootleg copies. We have over 2,000 titles up on Amazon that are delivered as DVD-R to Amazon customers as we are the licensed rights holder to these titles. We also license titles to Netflix, Comcast/InDemand, The DISH Cable Network, AT&T Uverse, iTunes, YouTube, Google Video, Samsung, Vudu, Blockbuster Online, Walmart, LoveFilm UK, ROKU, as well as many other companies worldwide! TOP QUALITY DVD-R FORMAT. JUST LIKE AMAZON DELIVERS TO SAVE ON STORAGE COSTS. COMES WITH A DVD CASE & ARTWORK. SHRINKWRAPPED. All our DVD's are region free and will play worldwide except for major studio films which are region coded to only play in the United States. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your money will be refunded to you!

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Special Offer

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